So, I Have A Challenge For You Guys

Possible Avengers 4 Spoilers

So, in the photos of The Battle of New York, most of the cast are wearing these bracelets and I heard that they help simulate reality–you know, like what Tony did back in Civil War to recreate his last moments with his parents. So maybe they’re looking for some sort of clues on that battle scene. Maybe it’s time we go back to the 1st Avengers and start looking for clues?

I’m gonna do just that. Let me know what you guys find.


Captain Marvel Will Be Directed By An Actual Women!


Some crazy stuff I’ve been learning about our Tom

He was born to be Spiderman:


To prepare for certain roles, he full on learned ballet!


And he’s been a serious gymnast for years!


Seriously, the guy’s incredible and incredibly crazy

See for yourself?

For Tumblr    – Love, Tom Holland

For Tumblr

    – Love, Tom Holland

Will Cap and/or Tony die?

Major Infinity War Spoilers!

wait i need another opinion: so Chris Evans and RDJ’s contracts are ending and do you think they are going to kill them off?? like i either one or both?? like would they do that?????? iM freaking bc like i’m fine with them leaving the MCU but NOT DYING?! so ya, do you think marvel will kill them or just have them ‘retire’ or smtn???Today at 7:29 PM

Okay, this may be a major spoiler, so beware. My personal opinion is that Cap will die. I think he’ll sacrifice himself to the soul stone so that Tony can get the gauntlet.
Reasons why I think this will happen:
– Infinity War started off with Tony and Pepper talking about having kids and I think this was included so that we as an audience would hold more stock in their relationship and it would be more tragic when Pepper dies. She has to die because she is what tony loves most. After she’s dead, I think Cap will be what Tony loves most and he’ll have to sacrifice Cap to the soul stone just as Thanos sacrificed Gamora.